Introduction to our Starter-kits

There was once a time where people relied on the market for their expertise when it came to buying products  or using services. The concept of DIY or ‘Do It Yourself’ became a rave in the 1950’s. Crafting or Repairing, Mending, Stitching or even Fixing, this concept received a huge response especially from women. The fact that they could design or fix something for themselves without seeking out help was a thrilling experience then and it will always remain so for many eons to come.

At Amoha Prints, we have studied the excitement at each event, workshop and wedding. The freedom to creatively express oneself and design something that is of value for yourself or another brings a sense of ecstasy on the faces of our clients! Well suffice to say that we wanted this feeling of ‘creative independence’ to last, longer than a 3 hour event. That’s what led to the invention of our Starter-Kits.

We have come up with 3 block printing starter kits. First is the Primary Colour Kit, second is the Metallic Starter Kit and last but definitely not the least is the Kids Starter Kit. Each kit has:

1. Two to three colours (depending on the kit)

2. Beautifully handmade wooden blocks carved from teak wood.

3. A woollen cloth- which is a pore like cloth used as a sponge to print from.

4. A wooden tool- used to spread the colour evenly.

5. A base- to be added to the colour to get the required base colour needed for the printing.

6. A wooden tray- to make the padding of the colour.

In case you’re wondering what’s to be done with these ingredients, no we don’t want you to make a colourful soup. A link to the tutorials for the primary colour kit and metallic colour kit has been put at the end of this blog. We also sell our kits in the block printing workshops we conduct in Bangalore and other cities. Click here to watch our tutorial videos and to buy a starter kit.

The Primary colour kit has, yes you guessed it right, the 3 primary colours- Blue, Red and Yellow. The Metallic starter kit has the two royal, age-old colours- Gold and Silver. 

Coming to the Kids starter kit, it has two pastel metallic shades and 3 wooden blocks that have specifically designed patterns to woo your little one over. From baby penguins to smiling baby giraffes we have an exquisite assortment of blocks for kids.

We all invest a great deal of time in every aspect of life- from career to relationships. Allowing your creativity to flourish and grow is an investment that will strengthen the value of your entire portfolio of life. It has been experienced by many that Block Printing has a soothing and calming effect on the mind. Our goal is to enable this experience to reach many. 

These DIY kits can be used to print on a multitude of fabrics: cottons, silks, georgette, crepe, mixed fabrics and on shirts, tote-bags, pillow cases, bed spreads, coasters and the list goes as far and wide as your creativity takes you. The colours are permanent and do not run even when washed. Otherwise what’s the point, right?

They’re de-stressing for you and your little one (anything above 5, because being messy should be fun and safe). They make for the BEST gifting ideas. No matter the occasion. Period.

We have understood the fact that happiness stems from finding your ‘IKIGAI’ or passion for the work you put out into the world. The best way to fuel the other parts of your brain organically is by stepping up to your creativity. Our starter kits help you do just that and maybe a whole LOT more. 

Writing to you with lot of emotion and devotion.