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  1. You May Enter!

    You May Enter!

    The ancient ‘Toran’ stems from the Sanskrit word ‘Torana’ which loosely translates to pass. The Toran is placed at the entrance of one’s front door. In Indian culture, the entrance to a home is very important. It is the buffer, between the outside haphazard world and the calm interior of your home. The natural scent of a mango leaves toran or the marigold flower toran was believed to be sacred.

    Cue the 21st century’s ‘Nuclear’ household, the need for a Toran made to measure in with their stressful life. The underlying significance of a Toran is not only with the material with which it was fashioned. It is the aspect of decoration, a welcome to the owner of it’s home and the eternal ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’. A Toran is like the crown of the Home’s Entrance. It sits majestically atop your main front door or even above the Pooja room, culturally believed to attracting Goddess Lakshmi and her bountiful blessings of wealth and prosperity.

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  2. From Darkness unto Light

    From Darkness unto Light

    The festival that embodies the spirit of ‘victory over evil’, a festival that is heralded all over India for being the ‘Festival of Lights ’ is also widely celebrated as a festival of ‘giving and receiving. From giving gifts to granting forgiveness, Diwali is one festival that lasts up to 5 days and one which you definitely cannot ignore.

    Giving is the basis of receiving. Every year, almost every Indian household is almost engulfed by the ‘gift recycling syndrome’. Oh come on! We’ve all done it! The kaju mithai ka dabba has seen more drop-off’s than an über pool witnesses on one entire day! Ha Ha, jokes aside, when it comes to gifting, we’ve been sort of ancestral in our approach, not that it’s a bad thing, but we at Amoha believe that gifting is a moment to impact someone’s life and mood, for the better.. but more importantly it is a reflection of your respect for the other person.

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