Kids Starter Kit

One summer ago, came the birth of a DIY kit that would make kids and parents re-think the traditional art and craft hour. The Amoha Prints Kids Starter-Kit is a block printing do-it-yourself kit that was envisioned by Pooja Gokul, the entrepreneur of the brand, in close association with her daughter. The Kit will bring out the hidden ‘Chota Kaarigar’ in your child.

Pooja’s daughter, Miraya was only 1.5 years when she first started showing keen interest in her mother’s vocation. She dabbled with the colours and marvelled at the wonderful prints her tiny hands could create. By holding the wooden blocks and engaging her senses of touch and smell, her firm grip and muscles developed quickly, with over an hour of printing almost every single day! She started to make connections with the colours and blocks to things she saw around her on a daily basis. For a mother, there is nothing more important than for her child to have fun and develop a healthy body and

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