You May Enter!

The ancient ‘Toran’ stems from the Sanskrit word ‘Torana’ which loosely translates to pass. The Toran is placed at the entrance of one’s front door. In Indian culture, the entrance to a home is very important. It is the buffer, between the outside haphazard world and the calm interior of your home. The natural scent of a mango leaves toran or the marigold flower toran was believed to be sacred.

Cue the 21st century’s ‘Nuclear’ household, the need for a Toran made to measure in with their stressful life. The underlying significance of a Toran is not only with the material with which it was fashioned. It is the aspect of decoration, a welcome to the owner of it’s home and the eternal ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’. A Toran is like the crown of the Home’s Entrance. It sits majestically atop your main front door or even above the Pooja room, culturally believed to attracting Goddess Lakshmi and her bountiful blessings of wealth and prosperity.

Now, imagine a Toran that stayed true to its cultural roots and ancient tales, motifs that embrace your culture just as you embrace tightly the grocery bags before you enter your home. AND had another side to it that welcomed your interests for modern design, quirky and fun, contemporary with a ‘present’ aesthetic? (Long question!) A hand made, hand block printed toran that has a beautiful odé to your culture on one side and turned over to voila! Reveal a side with contemporary hand block printed motifs. Yes, Amoha Prints brings you the best kinds.

A multifunctional toran that you can display on both sides! So apt for the rest of their year v/s festival season. Or anyway you choose to display it. 

Now, isn’t that the perfect way to welcome the Festival of Lights for starters? A Toran that stays relevant 24/7 and extra special during the festive fun.

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Happy Festivities

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