Kids Starter Kit

One summer ago, came the birth of a DIY kit that would make kids and parents re-think the traditional art and craft hour. The Amoha Prints Kids Starter-Kit is a block printing do-it-yourself kit that was envisioned by Pooja Gokul, the entrepreneur of the brand, in close association with her daughter. The Kit will bring out the hidden ‘Chota Kaarigar’ in your child.

Pooja’s daughter, Miraya was only 1.5 years when she first started showing keen interest in her mother’s vocation. She dabbled with the colours and marvelled at the wonderful prints her tiny hands could create. By holding the wooden blocks and engaging her senses of touch and smell, her firm grip and muscles developed quickly, with over an hour of printing almost every single day! She started to make connections with the colours and blocks to things she saw around her on a daily basis. For a mother, there is nothing more important than for her child to have fun and develop a healthy body and mind at the same time.


The play reached a new level when Miraya started printing on her onesies and clothes! It’s almost as if she knew the game got professional and started paying more attention to the creative process of printing on her clothes, that she was re-fashioning herself. All this and more made Pooja acutely aware of the need for a kid-friendly block printing kit where parents need only supervise, while their kids created magic on paper and fabric.

Before we tell you what the Kit has, let’s see what the Kids Starter-Kit can do for your child? The Amoha Prints Block Printing Kids Starter-Kit will bring out your child’s inner Chota Kaarigar and help him/ her engage in his skills of creativity. It also helps tremendously in the following ways:

  1. Development of Motor Skills: The motion of dabbing the colours in the sponge, holding
    the wooden blocks and pressing the block onto the paper/ fabric helps the child’s fine motor
    skills, where they learn to use their fingers, hands, muscles and wrists.
  2. Language Development: Any form of art is a language, especially for children who are
    more intuitive than adults. With the kit, children are exposed to shapes, various designs of
    the prints, colours and actions. They then associate each action, colour, design and shape
    to descriptive words that helps build their language and vocabulary early on.
  3. Visual Learning: The Kids-Kit comes with exciting and fun designed handmade blocks that
    will get your child’s imagination as well as real-time experience engaging and fun! They
    learn to draw connections to the real world that helps them grow mentally as well as

Block Printing is an art form that brings out the creative energies in children and channels them
into a medium for learning, developing concentration, right and left-brain development, improved
academic performance in the future and brings about a certain level of cultural awareness in
their minds.

What’s inside the Kids Starter-Kit?


The Kids Starter-Kit comes in various themes, concerning the block designs. From Aquatic Animals to Veggies and Fruits, the designs will make your child have more fun during the printing and learning process.

The Kit consists of 3-4 handcrafted wooden blocks depending on the theme, the 3 primary colours- red, blue and yellow, a wooden tray, 3 woollen cloth pieces, one for each colour, to absorb the colour for printing, a wooden tool to spread the colour on the woollen cloth, a brush to wash the blocks / tray and a canvas bag to print on. The colours are non-toxic and eco-friendly, they are also safe on your child’s skin. The cloth pieces given, have to be washed and not allowed to dry, same goes for the blocks, they must we washed with the brush and water.

The Canvas Bag: The highlight of the kit is the cloth canvas bag that the kids can print on and use as a school bag, a lunch carrier, a bag to carry to the pool or even a travel bag. The possibilities are endless! It is better for your child to print on paper and have a couple of practice runs to get the hang of the process, before proceeding to print on the bag.

Amoha Prints has also done several block printing workshops for kids and adults.

How is it done?

The Kids-Starter Kit is super simple to use and safe for your child, under your guidance of course. Here is the link to the tutorial:

You can also order additional blocks and products to add to your child’s kitty of knowledge and fun!

The vision for this kit was to bring about a revolution where Chota Kaarigars, from the ages of 2 and beyond, are given an outlet for their creativity and young genius. The earlier we channel children into the creative arts, the faster is the child's’ emotional, mental and physical growth. There are only upsides to owing an Amoha Prints Kids Starter-Kit, if your kid isn’t exploring one yet, what are you waiting for?