6 Ways To Style your Home With Prints!

6 Ways to Style your Home with Prints!

Yes. Before you continue to read it, this is a cliche blog list on how to style your home, but with a twist. At Amoha Prints, we always attach a sentiment with everything we embark on. Whether it is painstakingly handcrafting a single intricate block or hand block printing on a set of 100 Torans, we always make it a journey that uplifts the craftsmanship and the craft itself.

Block printing has been a part of ancient Indian tradition since many centuries, the best way to revive this aspect of our culture, we believe, is to integrate it in some way into your home in a manner that suits your aesthetic sensibilities. If prints (traditional or contemporary) are your go-to’s then here are some ways we think your home will thank you for:

- Our hand-made, double sided, hand block printed Torans: Amoha Prints recognises that today it’s all about juxtaposition of varied views, especially of design. Our handmade, hand block printed Torans are printed with a traditional design on one side and contemporary prints on the other to give your home a ‘strong personality multitude’ it deserves. click the link yo order yours: https://www.amohaprints.com/torans.html

-Double-sided cloth coasters: Just like our Torans, your coasters will enjoy a split personality of their own (well, in a good way of course) With varying prints on either side, you pick the occasion and the side of the coaster you want to display.  


-Cushion covers: Add zing to your home decor by combining colourful geometric prints as cushion covers to your otherwise Plain Jane beige/monotone couch. Or go completely nuts and combine prints from the east and west to create an eclectic living space.

-An oversized pattern rug: It is a general rule of thumb that the most dominating/oversized print must cover the floor, so if a beautiful paisley block printed rug suits your sense of style or a shibori tie-dye print captures the essence of your home, this is a statement piece to come home to everyday.

-Curtains: Block printed curtains go so well especially to match your cushion prints! It’s a winning scheme that just ties the home together!

And last but not the least,

-WALLPAPERS!: After a statement rug, a statement wall is only fitting. Find that wall in your home (even your home-office) and you can either decorate it whole with wall paper or go for framed pieces hand block printed pieces of paper that will spruce up the wall and make it look complete. 

Whether you choose 1, 3 or 5, there are always other ways you can discover what’s best for your home and find mediums to revive the ancient tradition of block printing, as long as it has a place in your heart, it will find its way in your home.

Happy Decorating!

Much love,

Amoha Prints