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We are travelling!

Our offices will be closed till the 3rd of July. We won't be processing any orders till then.

Please check again in July to order your block printing kits and blocks.

For urgent requirements or for further information, get in touch with us on WhatsApp at +91 8861996557


Choose from a variety of handmade block printing kits, wooden blocks and trays, to get you started with your first prints. So, come and join the fun!

Courses for Adults

Learn to block print like a professional. Choose from two different courses, one where you learn to print with the primary colours and the other with metallic colours, namely gold and silver.

For Kids

The art of block printing is an interesting and fun way to motivate children to think creatively and analyse concepts. It will give them a way to move beyond traditional methods and think innovatively. Choose from a variety of fun sets of blocks, along with our colours kit and tray, to get your child started off.

Our Newest Product: Ready to use Block Printing Colours

You have a choice to buy only the 5 colours (red, blue, yellow, black and white), or to buy the colours kit with the tray, tapi and cloth

About Amoha Prints

Amoha Prints is a company born from a vision to not only spread wide the art form of hand block printing, but also to provide people with the experience of exploring it. Through our products and services we look forward to bringing an aspect of that passion as well as the ancient historical importance of the art form into everyone's daily lives. Please click below to learn more.

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