DIY Toran - Sunflower

This kit includes paints, a tray, wooden tapi, cloth bookmarks, brush, wooden blocks and a cloth bunting.
Safe, organic & child-friendly paints
Hand-carved floral wooden blocks
Comes with tutorial video
Ideal for beginners
DIY Toran - Sunflower
DIY Toran - Sunflower DIY Toran - Sunflower DIY Toran - Sunflower DIY Toran - Sunflower DIY Toran - Sunflower DIY Toran - Sunflower DIY Toran - Sunflower

Why you will love this kit!

  • All inclusive: The kit has everything you need to add quirky prints to a pure cotton toran or door bunting.
  • Perfect for beginners: Anyone, young or old can use the kit, as the blocks are extremely easy to handle.
  • Reusable tools: The hand-carved blocks are made from high-quality wood for multiple use.
  • Festive themed blocks: The handcarved blocks are in the shape of flowers & diyas.
  • Safe & organic paints: These paints are skin-friendly and safe for children.
  • Sustainable decor: Reuse and recycle your old bed sheets, pillow covers and table cloths instead of discarding them.
  • Fun activity: Turn this into a bonding activity with your child!
  • Get More Colours: You can mix the primary colors to create green, orange, and purple. Add white to red for pink!
  • Easy To Do: With the step-by-step tutorial video, this kit will be easy & fun for children.


  • Material: Wood, Cotton Fabric, Organic Paints
  • Dimensions: Total Width - 36 inch (91.5 cm) | Height - 21 cm | Band - 6.5 cm | Petal - 5.7 cm
  • Dimensions of Box: 20.4 cm (l) x 20.4 cm (b) x 5 cm (h)  

What's Included

  • Ready-to-use set of 6 colours (red, blue, yellow, black, red and white)
  • 1 x Tray
  • 1 x Wooden piece/ tapi
  • 2 x Wooden Blocks 
  • 5 x Cloth Pieces (one for each color)
  • 3 x Bookmarks
  • 1 x Brush
  • 1 x Cloth Toran/ door bunting

Care and Handling

  • Let the fabric dry after printing. It will take around 15 mins.
  • Iron on the reverse side, after it dries. Wash the fabric only after 24 hours.
  • Hand wash is recommended or dry cleaning for the first time.
  • Hang the torans in dry areas away from direct rain or moisture.
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