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Introduction to Block Printing

The art of hand block printing dates back centuries, as early as 3000 BC. History acquaints us with this art form as a tradition followed by Mesopotamians, where engraved patterns on coins were used as a medium to print. The images and block prints that are widely used in East India as a style quotient, originated in China. In India, this art flourished under the rule of the Maharajas, especially of Rajasthan and Gujarat, somewhere around the 12th century.

Hand Block Printing is a simplistic yet elaborate and laborious art form. The sharpness and accuracy, the fine detailing of prints that are made on the fabrics, make it one of the most loved traditions in the Indian apparel industry.

Wooden blocks of fine quality wood are carved and designed to make for the printers' main tool for execution of the process. The fabric laid out is printed on with the help of the wooden block by using GOTS certified organic dyes.

There is a certain allure to a final block printed piece. It combines the fruits of precision, timing and a keen sense of design aesthetic to produce a finale that is booming with culture and style.

An in-depth introduction to the history and application of block printing is given in our workshops!

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