Metallic Block Printing Course

Note: We are on a break. Classes will resume in August. Keep watching this space for updates.


Get a block printing starter kit on signing up for the course. The kit has everything you need to get started at home. To achieve good results and learn the technique well, it is important to have the right materials and guidance. This course will take you through the process, techniques and various styles of block printing. Learn about mixing of colours and how to fix them onto fabric of all types.

The photo shows the block printing kit that is included with the course. This kit contains 3 small blocks, one border block, gold, silver and fixer, the base, cloth, tray and tapi for printing

Why do a Course with Us

Learn to create metallic prints on apparel like t-shirts, sarees, running fabric and accessories. Create festive looks with gold and silver prints and learn to fix them permanently on your fabrics. All materials are included. Call 8861996557 for more details.

Learn to print on fabric

Learn to fix colour permanently on fabric

40-minute Live sessions

Cambridge Certified Teacher

Create a finished piece every week

All materials shipped before starting the course

Why choose Amoha Prints?

Our founder, Pooja Gokul is a Cambridge certified teacher and has been teaching for over a decade. She has taught at 3 International schools in Bangalore before she started Amoha Prints.

Amoha Prints is a one stop shop for block printing. Pooja conducts workshops and classes in block printing. A number of her students have gone onto starting start-ups with this craft after being tutored by her.

In this course you will learn how to design and print on apparel and home linen fabrics. Also learn how to fix the colour to fabric and make sure it is permanent.

The kit will be included with the course which will be shipped to you.

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Note: We are on a break. Classes will resume in August. Keep watching this space for updates.

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