Our Products

  1. Block Printing Starter kits: The whole purpose here at Amoha is to help people get their hands into this art form, quite literally, and have fun with it! Our block printing kits come with the entire paraphernalia one needs to start off block printing for the first time. Finished with 3 handcrafted wooden blocks, a tray, a tapi (wooden tool), dabli cloth, a binder and 3 primary colours, from which a wide range of colours can be created. We have a starter especially for kids, customised with 3 special wooden blocks that will directly find a place in your kids’ heart as well as on their clothes! A kit with metallic colours comes with two shades: gold and silver, which is perfect for printing on an all-black silhouette. Click here to browse our starter kits and watch our tutorial videos.
  2. Handcrafted Wooden Blocks: We have a wide range of block prints with diversity in design and sizes on the website. Click here to refer these prints and select the ones you would like to use in your event with us.
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