Rajasthan Dairies

My first visit to the pink city, Jaipur, was a dream come true. It met all my expectations and more with its rich culture. One can see how proud the locales are of their history. The beautiful palaces, forts, lakes, city architecture are maintained well and is welcoming for the viewer.

Rajasthan DiariesRajasthan DiariesRajasthan Diaries

The various arts and crafts are a treat to the eyes, they can add a royal touch to any home. We at block beauty are proud to be part of this ancient and traditional art of block printing. To see its origin, gave us a wider perspective and have opened up various possibilities.

It is a place that one can go back to over and over again to be inspired, there is a sense of belonging with its surroundings and people. In spite of extreme temperatures, the locales are very enthusiastic and charming. It is a place that teaches you how to live and enjoy every moment. People in remote villages in Rajasthan still follow aged old values in terms of food, dress, social norms and work ethics.

It was nice to see men, women and children dressed in the traditional patterns of Ajrakh in Jaisailmer. The concept of Rajasthani Thali is very popular, one has to sit down and eat, to enjoy this type of cuisine.

In few places, women follow the system of goongat, where the saree is used to cover their head. The prints that are worn by people in the villages of Rajasthan, talks about  their identity in terms with social significance.

Rajasthan Diaries