Pooja Gokul

  1. Mixed Media Art

    Mixed Media Art

    Pooja Gokul is an artist with a visual art background and has 10 years of experience in the art world. She has been an art teacher alongside developing her art with varied media. Pooja is a master of portraiture. Her artwork is an eclectic blend of traditional material and contemporary technique.

    She spends quality time on her paintings from the idea to execution, it takes her 2- 3 weeks to complete an artwork. She can only paint when something inspires her. The  avid reader is an admirer of Praveen Kuar, Gustav Klimnt, Paul Klee, Anish Kapoor, Frida Khalo and many more. Even with inspirations ranging so diversely, Pooja’s artistic conscience remains willfully uncluttered.

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  2. Rajasthan Dairies

    Rajasthan Dairies

    My first visit to the pink city, Jaipur, was a dream come true. It met all my expectations and more with its rich culture. One can see how proud the locales are of their history. The beautiful palaces, forts, lakes, city architecture are maintained well and is welcoming for the viewer.

    The various arts and crafts are a treat to the eyes, they can add a royal touch to any home. We at block beauty are proud to be part of this ancient and traditional art of block printing. To see its origin, gave us a wider perspective and have opened up various possibilities.

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  3. Print in Progress

    Print in Progress

    Hand block printing  always has a story to tell due to its strong  roots.  It can be a traditional art form for you or a modern one, that is what makes it so versatile and loved by all.  The various techniques like natural dying, printing with non – organic dyes, metallic colors makes  the process interesting and  can  transform any piece of cloth to an aesthetic fabric.

    At Amoha Prints, we undertake projects that are challenging and creative. We explore various designs and styles, from animal prints to quirky moustache prints. Geometrical designs are also a favourite.  Apart from traditional designs, we make designs that are also appealing to the younger customers. We aim at creating a unique style and contemporary approach with hand block printing.

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